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4 Master Programmes in Acoustical Engineering 2024

    Master Programmes in Acoustical Engineering

    What is a Master in Audio Engineering?

    Graduates of an audio engineering program possess knowledge about the manipulation, recording, reproduction and mixing of sound. Many audio engineers find jobs as sound producers for niches in the film, television, radio and music industry or work as developers of innovative audio devices and technologies for companies marketing acoustical engineering products. Audio engineers may also specialize in audio signal processing, broadcast engineering and even computer science fields involved in sound production.

    Why Take An Online Master in Audio Engineering?

    In addition to earning higher than average salaries (up to $100,000 a year is possible for experienced audio engineers), graduates of an online audio engineering master's program benefit from choosing among an interesting variety of freelance or company positions. Additionally, audio engineering employment opportunities foster the student's creativity and ingenuity and allows them to collaborate with like-minded audio engineers who are also fascinated by manipulating sound, inventing new types of sounds and even delving into the physics of sound acoustics to improve sound qualities of theaters, stadiums and concert halls.