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15 MA Programmes in Journalism and Mass Communication Television Studies 2024



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MA Programmes in Journalism and Mass Communication Television Studies

A Master of Arts in Television Studies is a degree designed to provide a student with the skills to develop and offer informed criticism of television and related media for purposes of policy development and the evaluation of programs and content.

What is an MA in Television Studies? This advanced interdisciplinary degree enables students to identify the key dynamics of media culture and how to interpret them in a useful way. The curriculum for a degree may encompass courses such as Cultural Identity, Visual Style, Production Culture, Agency and Politics, History of Critical Writing for Television, The Documentary and Transformations in TV. Genre studies may focus on children’s programming or young adult content, among other areas.

One of the primary benefits to this course of study is a deep critical awareness of past, current and emerging media trends. This foundation helps organize and construct methods for research and planning. Courses may concentrate as well on problem solving and time management for projects.

Costs may vary program to program. The best way to find out the most accurate information regarding fees and tuition is to contact individual schools directly.

The television industry is a vital enterprise all over the world. An MA in Television Studies gives a student the critical expertise to pursue a career as a TV researcher, production assistant, curriculum developer or marketing director. A degree can open doors in editing, documentary work, criticism and digital media. Research and analysis play an important role in the development of new content and in assessing the relevancy of current programming. A degree in television studies prepares one for a position in areas that affect both production and policy.

Advanced degrees in television studies are offered across the globe by many competitive institutions. Take that first step on the path to a fascinating career in television media. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.