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MA Programmes in Professional Studies

Pursuing a Master of Arts is an action designed for the career-minded. Studying for this coveted degree involves delving deeper into an area of study in the arts or humanities to emerge a true expert, desirable to many employers in the field.

What is an MA in Professional Studies? Coursework in professional studies generally focus on humanities, law, or social science. Studies are generally interdisciplinary and internationally minded and prepare students to become top researchers, whether in politics, law, or the arts. Many studies focus on a problem-solving approach to prepare students for a changing global culture. Thus, those attaining an MA in Professional Studies are expected to become the forward thinkers of tomorrow, taking on challenges as yet not conceived.

Those studying for this master’s degree can become experts in methods of teaching, enabling them to best communicate their ideas to others, whether at work or in social life. Students can also become cultural analyzers and may use those skills to sell ideas or products within a culture. In addition, courses in international law might open new career opportunities in that area.

The cost of a master’s degree depends on location, program, and time spent in the program. Earning the degree typically takes one to three years; however, students should research their preferred program of study to get a definitive statement on personal cost.

A major benefit of earning an MA in Professional Studies is the wide range of career opportunities that it allows. A specialization in language, for example, can lead to a career as a language arts teacher, a trainer, or a coach, all careers that employ effective communication. Students could also become product developers, leveraging their knowledge of culture to provide products and services that appeal to the right demographic. Other students may become social workers, serving the general public and promoting change from the ground up.

Schools globally are offering programs for an MA in Professional Studies. Full and part-time options are available for students who want to expand their learning. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.