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6 MA Programmes in Modern Languages 2024

    MA Programmes in Modern Languages

    A Master of Arts program offers students the chance at in-depth liberal arts study, culminating in rewarding research conclusions, graduation and (oftentimes) increased career opportunities. An MA usually requires two full-time years of study, and you must have completed your bachelor’s degree to be admitted.

    So, what is an MA in Modern Languages? In these programs, you will likely be studying multiple languages in similar regions. You may choose to study Western and European languages, Eastern languages, or even more specific regions than these. You may take courses in linguistics, literature and history throughout the ages, as historical shifts often greatly impact the linguistic history of the culture in question. You may also take specific courses in grammar and syntax to enrich your proficiency in specific languages.

    Because of the in-depth language courses, you may develop advanced speaking proficiency in several languages, useful in a variety of cultural contexts. You may also develop increased cultural competence and greatly enhance your critical thinking skills, which helps with everything from true comprehension to decision-making.

    The exact tuition for a Master of Arts is different depending on where you choose to go to school. Contact your advisor for detailed financial information.

    Careers often pursued after completing a Master of Arts in Modern Languages include positions as a language instructor and translator. This area of study is also excellent training for those who wish to be writers and speakers across multiple regions. Students interested in international relations and human rights careers may also benefit greatly from this area of study. Careers as linguists and historians are also excellent options after completing the requirements for a modern languages program.

    Whether you prefer to attend classes on campus or complete your studies online, there are often many options available for completing your MA in Modern Languages all over the world. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.