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13 MA Programmes in Humanities Studies History Modern History 2024



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MA Programmes in Humanities Studies History Modern History

An MA, or Master of Arts, is an advanced degree in the social sciences or humanities. It typically expands upon what is learned in a four-year Bachelor of Arts.

What is an MA in Modern History? This is a master’s degree that focuses specifically on history since the 16th century, or history since the medieval period. If you pursue a degree in modern history, you should expect coursework that focuses on the early modern period, sometimes called the Renaissance; the late modern period, beginning with the mid-18th century; and contemporary history, or events since approximately 1945.

As with many advanced degrees in the social sciences and humanities, an MA in Modern History can help you develop strong critical thinking skills, the ability to explain why society is the way it is today and the ability to analyze the human experience. These skills are useful in many careers that involve working with others.

The cost for any master’s degree can vary from one program to the next, and the same is true for an MA in Modern History. For many prospective students, cost is a factor, so contact the school directly when considering a specific program to learn more.

While many who pursue an MA in Modern History do so with the hope of going into teaching history, there are a variety of career options that may be available to you with this degree. Degrees in the humanities and social sciences are in demand because they often demonstrate to potential employers both strong problem-solving skills and writing skills. This may make you a good candidate for a career as a human resources specialist or as an educator or education administrator, for example.

If you are interested in an MA in Modern History, there are many programs available to you, both online and at more traditional institutions. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.