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2 MA Programmes in Humanities Studies Literature Italian Literature 2024



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MA Programmes in Humanities Studies Literature Italian Literature

An MA is a master’s level degree also known as a Masters of Arts. It usually take from one to two years to complete and can be based on research, course work or both. Some programs will require a thesis to be completed for successful graduation.

What is an MA in Italian Literature? This master’s degree will require mastery of the Italian language in addition to the analysis of works written in that language. Literature degrees can also be thought of as the study of culture and history as it is reflected in the work of its authors. Italian literature is particularly interesting because of the rich history of this country, which produced some of the world’s first European classics after the Dark Ages had passed. Additional coursework may involve study of architecture and art, which are also particularly interesting aspects of Renaissance Italian culture.

Those students who wish to go on to teach often pursue a doctorate degree as well. However, a master’s degree can also make graduates more competitive in the job market, simply for their language ability. It is a course of study that is excellent for opening one’s mind, making it more flexible, and helping to understand people and one’s own community better.

There is great variation in the costs from one graduate program to another, and it can depend on many factors including the country in which it is located. Many students investigate online programs as a way to lower their expenses.

There are many industries that look for people with bilingual ability such as journalism, publishing, translating, interpreting, education, tourism and diplomacy. With a literary degree specifically, there may also be opportunities in research as well as with museums and in writing. Often, people can find translation and interpreting options on a freelance basis. Finally, areas in the Italian speaking world that see a lot of tourists may hire workers with bilingual ability, especially in hospitality.

A language skill can make a person more marketable in many industries. To get more information, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.