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MA Programmes in Tourism and Hospitality Hospitality Management Hospitality Management

Pursuing a Master of Arts degree following undergraduate studies is one way many students enhance both their professional knowledge as well as their hireability in the market. MA programs delve deep into a student’s chosen discipline, providing both greater insight and deeper understanding of a subject.

What is an MA in Hospitality? As international travel becomes simpler and more affordable, the need for hospitality professionals continues to grow. Students who take on this program can discover how to plan and manage tourist destinations across the globe, giving visitors experiences they never thought possible. Classes within a hospitality curriculum typically focus on business acumen and management skills. Students may also learn how to lead a team of hospitality professionals.

Graduates typically exit with strong leadership aptitude, focused on inspiring staff and colleagues, as well as building and deploying teams. Since the hospitality industry is fast-paced, students can learn keen time management skills. They can also excel at customer service and customer communication.

Many students complete their MA in Hospitality in one to two years, though that often depends on whether the student is attending classes full-time or part-time. Tuition price varies as well, depending on school location and if the school is private or public.

Graduates can pursue a number of career opportunities in the hospitality industry. They may choose to work as a hotel or resort manager, leading a team of like-minded colleagues. They can work at sea as a ship captain or in the air as a flight attendant. Graduates who are more intrepid might become adventure travel guides or manage amusement parks. Some may even choose to become event planners, helping groups and organizations create memorable experiences for clients.

Students interested in an MA in Hospitality can find excellent programs at schools across the globe. Online programs offer another option as well. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.