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MA Programmes in Economic Studies Finance Financial Mathematics

A Master of Arts is a post-graduate degree program, usually the first taken after earning a bachelor’s degree. MAs are usually a two year program, though students who study part time or take an accelerated course may end up earning the degree later or earlier, respectively. Earning an MA is usually done through a combination of class work, attending lectures and independent research and study.

What is an MA in Financial Mathematics? This degree focuses on one of the more practical aspects of math education: how it applies to the world of commercial finance. Students can expect to get a solid foundation in both theoretical and applied mathematics and learn how these fields can be applied to evolving financial patterns. Though more conceptual than some other types of finance MAs, a degree in financial mathematics is a good way to gain practical skills as well.

A master's degree in financial mathematics gives a broad overview of the financial field. Instead of just learning how to complete tasks, students learn the theory behind finance and gain the ability to anticipate and predict shifts in the market. These are invaluable skills for any graduate who wants to position themselves on the cutting edge of the field.

The cost of an MA in Financial Mathematics may vary depending on which school the student chooses to attend. The cost of books and other supplies, as well as fees associated with the school may add to the total cost.

Most jobs associated with a financial mathematics master's degree are in quantitative finance. These jobs may be in the private sector or the government. Some institutions that frequently hire graduates with this degree include hedge funds, large banks, wealth management firms and the United States Treasury. Independent consulting is also an option for recent grads.

Many schools offer prestigious financial mathematics degree programs. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.