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36 MA Programmes in Humanities Studies Literature English Literature 2024



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MA Programmes in Humanities Studies Literature English Literature

A master’s degree is the next big academic milestone above the bachelor’s level. It can prepare the student for taking on greater responsibility in the workplace or be his or her gateway to a teaching role.

What is an MA in English Literature? A Master of Arts program in English literature entails the intensive study of both classic and modern works of poetry and prose. The student will be pushed to read at a faster pace and with greater comprehension than ever before. But it’s not all about reading, as students are expected to regularly discuss and write about the meaning and significance of what they have read.

The time spent analyzing great writings strengthens a student’s ability to think for him/herself. Explaining, defending or enumerating on a thought comes natural to the graduate of a master’s program in English literature. Drawing conclusions and summaries from large amounts of complex information is another skill that’s developed in the course of the program.

The cost of tuition is set by the institution where you’ll study. Students with scholarships, grants and loans can defer or eliminate much of the cost of the education.

Traditionally, English majors have moved into teaching and writing, which are great careers considering the shortage of teachers in many places and the flexibility that writers hold. Nowadays, however, many additional opportunities are available in politics, medicine, entertainment, law and finance. Jobs can be found in private companies of all sizes, government agencies and nonprofit organizations. Many recent graduates get their start by doing freelance work, and after a while, may shift into working for a group of steady clients.

No matter what your future plans are, a good education can be the bridge between where you are now and where you want to be. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.