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5 MA Programmes in Art Studies Animation Computer Animation 2024



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MA Programmes in Art Studies Animation Computer Animation

Students who earn a bachelor’s degree often go on to further their education. For many, the path takes them into the fine arts, humanities or social sciences. When an individual earns a postgraduate degree in one of these concentrations, it is called a Master of Arts. An M.A. degree may open better job opportunities or allow a student to go on to a doctoral program.

What is an MA in Computer Animation? Earning a Master of Art in Computer Animation is only attainable after earning a bachelor's degree. Individuals who choose to study computer animation take several core courses. In addition to learning about the history of art and technology, they will also study theory and aesthetics and game design and hardware architectures. Other courses include 3-D modeling and advanced animation, artificial intelligence and character animation.

Individuals who earn a master's degree in computer animation often develop expertise and skills that are helpful in and out of their chosen career path. They may learn how to use some of the most popular software and tools available for web publishing, design and editing. Students often become better at life skills, such as communication, analytical and problem-solving skills.

The cost of obtaining a master’s degree in computer animation varies from country to country and from school to school. The length of the program and whether the student qualifies for any scholarships or grants also factor into the final cost.

Graduates of computer animation programs may find themselves in demand for a range of related jobs. Individuals might find work as a composing artist, flash animator, graphic designer or storyboard artist. Others may work as a render wrangler, 3D modeler or stop motion animator. Computer animators are needed in several types of industries. In addition to working in the entertainment or gaming industry, corporations may require computer animators to create advertising campaigns. Law enforcement might also use animators to re-create crime scenes on the computer.

Hopeful graduates can attend computer animation programs in colleges around the world or via the internet. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.