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17 MA Programmes in Education Teaching Art Education 2024



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MA Programmes in Education Teaching Art Education

A Master of Arts (MA) is a postgraduate degree that often follows a bachelor’s degree. Programs typically take between one and three years to complete. Afterward, some graduates enter the workforce while others decide to further their education by entering a doctoral program.

What is an MA in Art Education? Students study a variety of topics when earning master's degrees in this field. Most programs teach the concepts and theories in art education, including national and international issues and faculty research. Some universities and colleges also provide students with coursework that outlines research methodologies, studio activities and strategies for planning and assessing curriculum. Individuals will spend their time exploring the various methods of teaching art, using a combination of artistic materials, assessment methods and education techniques.

Individuals who pursue an MA in Art Education often learn skills to help them both in and out of the workforce, such as leadership, critical thinking and better communication. Earning an advanced degree potentially creates better job opportunities as well.

The cost to attend an art education graduate program varies according to the country and the learning institution the student chooses. Some programs are longer than others, which also factors into the overall price.

A variety of career paths are available for graduates of art education programs. Individuals could become art teachers to children, teenagers or even adults. Others may choose to work as curriculum directors. For those who do not wish to teach full-time, possible options include working as a museum curator or running an art studio. Some graduates may become full-time professional artists, and others could decide to supplement their full-time jobs as a part-time artists taking commission work.

Students who wish to enter art education programs will find them in colleges and universities in many countries around the world. Some institutions also provide e-learning options. To get started, search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.