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19 MA Programmes in Humanities Studies Archaeology 2024



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    MA Programmes in Humanities Studies Archaeology

    A Master of Arts degree in archeology may be appropriate for post-baccalaureate students who seek a career in practical research or archeological fieldwork. An MA program allows the student a deeper understanding of human history through study of the materials that ancient civilizations have left behind.

    What is an MA in Archaeology? An MA in archaeology educates the student for hands-on archaeological work, including recovering, handling, and interpreting artifacts in the field. The student will also receive instruction in a related cognitive field such as anthropology, history or art history. Many students choose to specialize in a certain time period or geographic area. Many schools offer different types of MA programs in archaeology, which may include Geoarchaeology, Archeological Heritage Management, Comparative Art and Archaeology and many others.

    By advancing their education in archaeology to the MA level, students will gain both practical knowledge and theoretical knowledge in the field. This degree may be ideal for someone who is not ready to commit to the field’s traditional graduate level plan of achieving a Ph.D. If this is the case, the MA degree can be used as a stepping stone to a Ph.D later on in the student’s career; or can become a valuable part of the educational background of an individual who chooses to specialize in a related field.

    The cost of achieving an MA varies widely based on academic institution, location, and program length.  Students will want to take the time to make some cost comparisons before deciding on a program.

    The holder of an MA in archaeology may have several different career paths to choose from. Museums, government agencies, and academic institutions are examples of possible employers of degree-holders at the MA level. An MA holder may be qualified to become a project archaeologist – who oversees excavations, handles budgets and writes proposals - or a manager at a cultural research management firm.

    Online courses allow students to study for their MA in archeology in ways that complement their individual lifestyles. They can often be taken at any time and from anywhere. Search for your program below and contact directly the admission office of the school of your choice by filling in the lead form.