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Zhejiang University of Science and Technology Master in Applied Statistics
Zhejiang University of Science and Technology

Master in Applied Statistics

Hangzhou, China

2 Years


Full time

30 Aug 2024

Sep 2024

CNY 25,000 / per year



“The master degree graduate students of Applied Statistics” project offers a solid foundation for theoretical statistics, providing extensive education in the field of applied statistics, and providing big data analysis and practical projects. Graduates are employed in the whole world, involving fields, including all sectors of society, economic and financial industry, government and business management, social investigation and analysis, and statistical analysis of all kinds of big data. The master of Applied Statistics is designed for those interested in business, industry, agriculture, forestry, fisheries, enterprise, government, or scientific research.

The master of Applied Statistics requires that students must have an undergraduate degree. The professional background is inclined to recruit students in the fields of statistics, mathematics, engineering, physics, economics, finance, management, computer science, and so on.

In the premise course, students should learn the following four courses: the minimum mathematics background, the two-semester calculus, a calculus course based on noncalculus, and a matrix algebra.

Enrollment Advantage

For this project, students have two options:

  • Option I is focused on the sample analysis and statistical analysis of the economic and financial industry, the enterprise, and the government management.
  • Option II is the large data science and large data statistical analysis of various industries. Compared with Option I, this selection is more focused on computing science, such as databases, data storage, large data processing, and so on.

Students who have professional knowledge in statistics, applied mathematics, engineering, or computing science, can finish in 2 years. The major must start in autumn and end in spring.

For students who are not well prepared, Zhejiang University of Science and Technology can make up for the prerequisite courses of the major, which will increase the time required to complete the degree, increase one semester or two semesters, and start school in autumn or spring.



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