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Webster Leiden Campus MA in Psychology, Emphasis in Counseling Psychology
Webster Leiden Campus

MA in Psychology, Emphasis in Counseling Psychology

Leiden, Netherlands

2 Years


Full time

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Aug 2024

EUR 31,440 *


* Full Program


The mission of the MA in Psychology with an emphasis in Counseling Psychology program is to provide its participants with the knowledge and skills necessary to become competent in counseling psychology through academic and experiential learning.

The program aims at educating future psychologists who have sound knowledge of the theory and practice of counseling psychology, who are competent consumers and creative producers of social science research, who are competent in counseling practice, and who are ethical and sensitive to the cultures, values, and worlds of various clients.

Viewing research and practice as interdependent and mutually supporting, the MA in psychology with an emphasis in counseling psychology program is based on the scientist-practitioner training model. The program is committed both (1) to prepare counseling psychologists for advanced doctoral studies in psychology and (2) to providing training and experience that prepare students for practice. Its goal is to train psychologists who have a sound knowledge of the bases of counseling and psychotherapy. Adopting a multicultural perspective, the program also emphasizes the importance of multicultural competence in both research and practice.

The MA in psychology with an emphasis in counseling psychology is ONLY available at the Webster Vienna and Leiden campuses. To qualify as a professional psychologist or psychotherapist, a student may be required to complete additional education and licensure proceedings, depending on the national requirements of the country in which he/she wishes to work.

For example: To qualify as a professional psychologist in, In the Netherlands, students must have both a bachelor's and a master's degree in psychology. To qualify as Gezondheidszorg Psycholoog (professional psychologist) in The Netherlands further post-master's level training is necessary.

Program Outcomes

Whether you enjoy clinical psychology and psychotherapy, research, and experimental psychology, or consulting, Webster allows you to customize your studies. Above all, you’ll get a degree that prepares you for career success or further studies. Former Webster students enjoy prestigious careers and postgraduate studies at globally-renowned institutions.

An average psychologist with counselling skills salary in The Netherlands €25,500



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