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Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Management
Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam

M.Sc. in Environment and Resource Management

Amsterdam, Netherlands

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

EUR 2,314 / per year


* non-EU/EEA students: April 1 | EU/EAA students: June 1


Work on the sustainability challenges of our time

If you want to work towards finding solutions for societal problems related to natural resource depletion and environmental change, then this is the Master’s program for you.

The Environment and Resource Management (ERM) Master’s trains you to become part of the next generation of environmental leaders who work on the sustainability challenges of our time. From the role of climate change in migration to the impact of food supply on the environment to analyzing the transition to sustainable energy systems. You will start on the path to becoming an interdisciplinary environmental expert who is skilled in developing effective solutions for a more sustainable world.

Tackle real-world sustainability challenges

This one-year Master’s program recognizes that environmental problems and sustainability challenges do not stop at national borders. And solutions to those challenges require professionals who have the ability to build bridges and go beyond their own disciplines. Therefore, Environment and Resource Management offers an international and interdisciplinary classroom: the program is taught in English and is open to students from all academic disciplines and nationalities. It actively teaches you to cooperate in interdisciplinary teams and to contribute your disciplinary knowledge, while looking for possible solutions to specific environmental problems.

During the program, you can determine your own focus by choosing a specialization. Select from Global Food Challenges, Energy and Climate, Global Water Challenges, or Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity. If you want to broaden your knowledge in all these disciplines, you can opt for the Global Sustainable Futures specialization. This offers you the option to select your own combination of specialization courses.

Depending on your specialization, there are many topics you can dive into. For example, former ERM Master’s students answered the following questions in their thesis: What role does water play in cross-country migration? (Global Water Challenges). What are the determinants of the uptake of electric cars among citizens of Amsterdam? (Energy and Climate). What is the economic value of healthy ecosystems? (Ecosystem Services and Biodiversity). What is the true cost of meat production? (Global Food Challenges).

This Master’s program aims to ensure that you acquire theoretical concepts, academic skills, and operational techniques that allow you to find solutions to the complex problems of our generation.

The Environment and Resource Management Master’s program is organized by the Institute for Environmental Studies (IVM), which is considered to be one of Europe’s leading research institutes in Environmental Sciences. Class sizes are relatively small, allowing a personal and open atmosphere that students enjoy. Institute for Environmental Studies staff members are always available to provide support and guidance.



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