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Victoria University of Wellington Master of Renewable Energy – MRE
Victoria University of Wellington

Master of Renewable Energy – MRE

Wellington, New Zealand

9 Months


Full time

21 Jan 2025

24 Feb 2025

NZD 16,387 / per course



Learn how to design, develop, and promote clean energy systems key to a resilient and sustainable future.

Be part of the transition

Every day we see news stories of ‘once-in-a-century’ floods, droughts, hurricanes, and fires. Climate change is upon us, and it can feel overwhelming.

But we can tackle this generational challenge and speed up the transition to clean, renewable energy. To do this, the world needs people with the technical skills to implement and operate renewable energy systems and the analytical know-how to shape public energy policy.

That’s where the Master of Renewable Energy comes in.

Two learning pathways

In our Master of Renewable Energy (MRE) programme, you’ll gain a deep understanding of sustainable energy technologies such as solar, hydroelectric, geothermal, and wind power.

Within the MRE, you’ll choose from two learning pathways-one focused on engineering, the other on analysis.

Renewable Energy Systems Engineering

This learning pathway focuses on the technical aspects of renewable energy systems. You’ll learn how solar panels, wind turbines, and other renewable energy systems work. You’ll also learn how power is stored on the national grid, and how power electronics enable energy to be used efficiently.

Renewable Energy Systems Analysis

On the analytical pathway, you’ll study the economics of energy systems and learn about energy markets and regulation. You’ll also develop techniques for modelling and analysing the sustainability of energy systems. This pathway will prepare you for an analyst or policy role in an organisation that deals with energy systems.

Why Wellington

Here in Wellington, we have some of New Zealand’s largest and most innovative companies at our doorstep. Being in the nation’s political centre, we can be part of the conversation around government energy policy.


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