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MAS in Applied History

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Modern history is a fascinating discipline that deals with all aspects of human life. Dates, battles, state actions and "great men" have long ceased to be the focus of the subject: from the everyday life of people in past centuries to the history of the body and Gender relations, from the history of fringe groups to dealing with the causes of revolutions and crises, a wide range of topics is dealt with. Doing history means dealing with the dreams and projects, with the hopes and fears of our ancestors; means getting to know the conditions of human existence in different societies. History tells us who we are by reconstructing how we became. It shows us "the past future": shows how other generations dealt with the threats and opportunities that are given in every present.

The continuing education courses in Applied History at the University of Zurich open up the specific strategic potential of the historical method in a practical way, which is generally of practical use for a wide variety of professional fields: in politics, diplomacy, business, management, media and cultural establishment.

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