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University of Western Macedonia

University of Western Macedonia

University of Western Macedonia


The University of Western Macedonia (UoWM) runs 22 Departments in 5 cities of West Macedonia. The new University was established in May 2019 under the law of synergy between Universities and TEIs, which enabled the University to redefine its role and status in the Greek academic context by remodeling new organization processes, curricula, functions, and attitudes. Although it is a large university with a brief academic history in comparison with other Greek Universities, UoWM, being a new HEI, features vigor, flexibility, and determination, all of which contribute to prompt decision- and policy-making processes, as well as the implementation of innovative practice in the context of Greek academia.

The vision in the UoWM strategic planning is to establish the university as a major reference point among Greek and European academic institutions in terms of science and culture. Based on excellence, a fully-featured academic profile, and a generated range of knowledge, UoWM envisions achieving a high position in world university rankings and become an institution that provides substantial support to economic, social, and cultural development, both at a local and national level. UoWM’s mission is to promote and consolidate knowledge and progress through its dynamic, reliable, and modern functions, both for the benefit of ts academic community and society.


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