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University of Trento Master in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology
University of Trento

Master in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology

Trento, Italy

2 Years


Full time

27 Mar 2024

Sep 2024

EUR 6,500 / per year *


* **EU 340€-3400€ (fee range based on personal income and merit); Non-EU: 1000€-6500€ (fee range based on merit only, i.e. score in the application evaluation)


Over the last decade, significant methodological and conceptual advances in the life sciences area have enabled the development of the so-called new biology.

This new biology is mainly based on the ability to study cells at a molecular level thanks to the increasing availability of genomic sequences of many species and the possibility to determine, in a comprehensive way, gene expression profiles as well as the interactions between biological macromolecules. In addition, technological advances in genetic engineering and synthetic biology have led to an increased capacity for designing and building new biological systems with applications in biomedicine.

Finally, the strong development of bioinformatics and computational biology is providing new tools for the management, interpretation and modeling of a constantly increasing amount of biological data.

The Master's degree program in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology is therefore aimed at the training of experts in cellular and molecular biotechnology with an in-depth focus on genomic approaches in the fields of cancer biology and neurobiology including experimental, technological, and computational aspects.

Program Overview

The Master’s degree program in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology (CMB) is a two-year full-time program taught in English which aims to train modern biotechnologists.

The courses in the CMB program are structured to focus on the latest advances in genomics and genetic engineering in the biomedicine field with specific reference to technological aspects, including advanced imaging, next-generation sequencing, high-throughput screening and gene and cell therapy. Along with high quality and dynamic teaching, the Master’s degree program in Cellular and Molecular Biotechnology provides practical experience in state-of-the-art biotech laboratories. During the last semester, practical training is followed by a research project to be carried out within research groups at CIBIO (Department of Cellular, Computational and Integrative Biology, University of Trento), or in one of the collaborating laboratories in other European universities, or in companies operating in the biotechnology or pharmaceutical sector. The CMB program takes advantage of the long-term international relationships which globally connect the University of Trento, fostering a stimulating learning process.




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