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University of Surrey Interpreting MA
University of Surrey

Interpreting MA

Guildford, United Kingdom

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

GBP 21,500 / per year *


* overseas students | UK students: £10,400

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Why Choose This Course

This is the only course in the UK that will give you advanced interpreting skills in all interpreting modes, including consecutive, simultaneous, dialogue, and distance interpreting. We’re the first university to teach video-mediated and telephone interpreting based on research in distance interpreting, giving you excellent and flexible career opportunities.

The course has a strong practical component designed to suit the needs of the interpreting market today. We’re one of the UK’s top translation and interpreting research centers, with more than three decades of experience in postgraduate education and research training. We focus on exciting and newly developing areas of the discipline, such as interpreting technologies, distance/remote interpreting, hybrid modalities of interpreting, corpus-based approaches, audiovisual translation, and multi-modality studies.

The Centre for Translation Studies (CTS) has developed an ambitious new research program on the responsible integration of human and automated approaches to interpreting and translation. This program informs our teaching and future-proofs your career in this evolving industry.

What You Will Study

Our MA Interpreting course has both a multilingual and a Chinese pathway.

On this multilingual pathway, we offer Arabic, Chinese (Mandarin), French, German, Greek, Italian, Korean, Norwegian, Polish, Portuguese, Romanian, Russian, Spanish, Swedish and Turkish paired with English (languages subject to availability and/or demand). Other languages may be available upon request, subject to a minimum number of students.

You'll develop skills in all interpreting modes (consecutive, dialogue and simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation), delivered on-site and remotely via audio/video link. Lectures enable you to understand, discuss, and justify interpreting-related decisions. For example, the compulsory Interpreting and Technologies module focuses on the integration of different technologies in interpreting, e.g. to support the interpreter’s preparation and performance (such as accessing electronic glossaries, and digital note-taking) and delivery of distance/remote interpreting. This provides you with the necessary digital skills to develop a successful interpreting career in a fast-changing world and work environment.

Practical modules are taught by experienced professional interpreters and you’ll benefit from cutting-edge facilities and participate in simulated industry-relevant scenarios. Our range of optional modules will allow you to customize your learning experience according to your strengths, personal tastes, and career ambitions.

To conclude your MA, you can choose between different types of dissertations, and you’ll be guided along the identification of the best fit for you.

During your studies, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate academic and professional excellence by winning prizes. These include the following:

  • RWS Campus Top Student Award (two licenses)
  • project management training (one free-of-charge place in the Pro PM Training and Certification Program)
  • Professional Engagement Portfolio Prize
  • Best Performance in Interpreting Prize.



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