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University of Surrey Interpreting (Chinese Pathway) MA
University of Surrey

Interpreting (Chinese Pathway) MA

Guildford, United Kingdom

1 Years


Full time

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Sep 2024

GBP 21,500 / per year *


* for overseas students | £10,400 for UK students

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Why Choose This Course

Our Interpreting (Chinese Pathway) MA course is taught in collaboration with KL Communications Ltd, whose Managing Director, Dr Kevin Lin OBE, is the Lead Interpreter (Chinese) for the UK government's Foreign Office. Our program has a strong practical component that responds to the needs of the Chinese interpreting market. It will give you advanced interpreting skills in all interpreting modes, including consecutive/simultaneous interpreting, chuchotage, sight translation, dialogue, and distance interpreting.

Our program also provides exceptional opportunities for simulated and industry-relevant interpreting experience. It will train you to be ready for your first conference interpreter job upon graduation. We support ‘ virtual internships’ which enable you to collaborate with language service providers and build a professional engagement portfolio that you can present to future employers.

The Chinese interpreting market has experienced exceptional growth despite a challenging international economic climate. Globalization creates new opportunities and creates demands Globalization program, is a program for interpreting services to enable knowledge exchange, migration, trade and diplomatic relations, and communication between business clients. Technological innovation is also rapidly reshaping the interpreting industry, presenting new research opportunities. As an MA Interpreting graduate, you'll be able to take advantage of global employment opportunities.

The Centre for Translation Studies has developed an ambitious new research program that will place us and our students at the very heart of future developments. The program informs our teaching with a strong focus on the responsible integration of human and machine translation.

What You Will Study

Our course covers the main principles, techniques, and professional requirements of interpreting between Chinese and English, preparing you to work as an interpreter in conference, business, and political settings.

You'll develop skills in all interpreting modes (consecutive, dialogue and simultaneous interpreting, and sight translation), through on-site and remote interpreting via audio/video link, note-taking, and public speaking. The Interpreting and Technology module focuses on practical knowledge and professional requirements for integrating different technologies in interpreting, for example, to support the interpreter’s preparation and performance (such as accessing electronic glossaries, digital note-taking) and delivery of interpreting services (audio/video-mediated distance/remote interpreting). This provides you with the necessary digital skills to develop a successful interpreting career in a fast-changing world and work environment.

The Professional Translation Practice module engages students in practical workshops for translating specialized texts, whilst our optional modules allow you to customize specialized your learning experience.

Your dissertation will enable you to consolidate the knowledge and skills acquired during the taught components of the course and guide you along the identification and selection of an appropriate research topic or an extended interpreting project and analytical commentary. It’s also one of the many ways of getting involved in ongoing research at the Centre for Translation Studies. We regularly have students who decide to stay on for a PhD and pursue an academic career in translation and interpreting studies. For further information, see our PhD course.

During your studies, you will have an opportunity to demonstrate academic and professional excellence by winning prizes. These include the following:

  • RWS Campus Top Student Award (two Trados licenses)

  • Project management training (one free-of-charge place in the Pro PM Training and Certification Programme)

  • Professional Engagement Portfolio Prize

  • Best Performance in Interpreting Prize.

Teaching Staff

The practice-based interpreting modules are taught by Dr Kevin Lin and his team, who will bring their interpreting expertise, workplace experience, high-end interpreting standards, and up-to-date knowledge of the interpreting market into the classroom.

You'll be taught by experienced academic staff with excellent research records, who help you to develop a broad understanding of the current and future challenges of interpreting. For example, Professor Sabine Braun is a leading expert in the field of remote/video-conference interpreting. Other academic staff specialize in public service interpreting, interpreter-mediated interaction, and corpus-assisted translation and interpreting studies.

Professional Development

To test and develop your skills and strategies in an authentic work environment, you'll be provided opportunities for practical interpreting traineeships, including an opportunity to attend both practices at the International Maritime Organisation (IMO), a specialized agency of the United Nations. During the study visit, you'll practice simultaneous interpreting in a realistic UN-standard conference booth and will be instructed by experienced interpreters working at IMO.

In addition, our students have provided interpreting services for regular clients of KL Communications Ltd, as well as for many multilingual events held at the University of Surrey, including graduation ceremonies and a highly specialized medical conference.

We have recently established an annual internship program for MA Interpreting (Chinese Pathway) students with one of the largest translation and interpreting service providers in China: Lan-bridge Group. Each year, students in our program can choose to apply for the internship and, if selected, the majority will travel to China to work.

Students will either complete an accumulative 10 days of interpreting assignments from Lan-bridge (spread across several months), or six months of an internship period. Whichever condition they reach first will result in completing the internship. Through this program, students will be guaranteed more opportunities to take on real interpreting assignments and gain practical experience. Students can also choose to arrange their internship in the UK.



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