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University of Siena Classics
University of Siena


Siena, Italy

2 Years


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Attending the Master’s Degree Course in Classics proposed by the University of Siena means studying the ancient world through a multidisciplinary approach, capable of making the student grasp the determinant values of the ancient cultural dimension, with its common traits and no less important differences compared to the modern one. Students will acquire advanced disciplinary and methodological skills not only in the two classical languages, in classical philology and in ancient history, but also in the anthropology of the ancient world, a discipline linked to the “interdepartmental center of anthropology and the ancient world”. Among the other subjects included in the curriculum, there are disciplines that complete the path of the classicist future: papyrology, Greek and Latin paleography, Byzantine civilization, medieval Latin and humanistic literature, the history of ancient philosophy, and classical archeology.


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