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About Us

The University of Pardubice builds on an almost seventy-year long tradition of higher education in the Pardubice Region. The Chemical College (later known as the Institute of Chemical Technology) was founded in 1950 to address the needs of the East Bohemia Region, which had a highly developed chemical industry providing extensive opportunities for research in the field.

The character of the Institute notably changed after 1990: new faculties were founded, offering a wide range of study programs, not only chemistry-related. The name - University of Pardubice - has been used since 1994, reflecting the new character of the educational institution. Based on longstanding tradition, the university is committed to making educational opportunities accessible to the diverse student population from across the Czech Republic and more than 60 countries.

Present University

The University of Pardubice is one of 26 public higher education institutions in the Czech Republic and the only university in the Pardubice Region. The University:

  • is a modern and dynamic public higher education institution.
  • prepares specialists for successful careers in a wide variety of professions.
  • offers Bachelor’s, Master, and Doctoral degree study programs in more than one hundred and thirty specializations.
  • broadens the universal scale of scientific disciplines.
  • creates an open international community.

With 10,000 students, the University is one of the middle-sized universities in the Czech Republic.


The University consists of seven faculties:

  • Faculty of Chemical Technology
  • Faculty of Economics and Administration
  • Faculty of Transport Engineering
  • Faculty of Arts and Philosophy
  • Faculty of Restoration
  • Faculty of Health Studies
  • Faculty of Electrical Engineering and Informatics,

Students can choose from different Bachelor's, follow-up Master's, and Doctoral degree programs in the following fields:

  • Natural and Technical Sciences focused on chemistry, chemical technology, biotechnology and biochemistry, electrical engineering, informatics, transport and communication technologies, and material engineering
  • Social Sciences focused on economics and administration, philology, history, philosophy, and sociology
  • Health Sciences including inter-disciplinary programs
  • Arts in the field of historic preservation, art restoration, conservation techniques, and technologies.

The University offers more than sixty study programs with almost one hundred and thirty study specializations. All are designed in accordance with the Bologna Declaration and modern trends in higher education. Most Bachelor's study courses offer follow-up Master's programs. Full-time and part-time studies are available.

Apart from its teaching, the University of Pardubice is also renowned for its numerous scientific and research activities, which contribute to an excellent national and international reputation. The numerous specialized departments and other organizations, institutions, and associations that have been operating at the university contribute to its stature.

The Miroslav Jureček Foundation and the Jan Perner Foundation play an important role in supporting the educational and research activities of the University.

Individual University departments participate in international programs, engage in student and staff exchange programs, and share their experiences in many projects, such as organizing prestigious international sessions, workshops, conferences, and seminars.

There is much more to university life than studying. Student Council activities and the students themselves include different areas of student life: culture, sports, and club activities.

The modern facilities of the University campus, near the center of a city with a population of 100,000, create ideal conditions for the all-round development of young people. Pleasant surroundings and many sports and cultural opportunities, combined with quality and demanding study programs, are comparable to those of leading European universities at the dawn of the third millennium.

As a member of the European University Association, the University is an active part of the European and world higher education and research area.

Mission of the University

The University of Pardubice represents the pinnacle of education, fostering independent learning and research activities by playing a key role in the scientific, cultural, social, and economic development of the society by:

  • Preserving and expanding attained knowledge, and cultivating scientific, research, development, innovation, artistic and other activities,
  • Facilitating, in accordance with democratic principles, access to higher education, facilitating the acquisition of appropriate professional qualifications and preparation for research or other demanding professional activities,
  • Offering further forms of education to acquire, expand and deepen or renew knowledge from various fields of science or culture, and thus being involved in lifelong learning,
  • Playing an active role in public discussion about social and ethical issues, through the cultivation of cultural diversity and mutual understanding, building civic society and preparing young people to live in it,
  • Contributing to development on the national and regional level and co-operating with public administration, local authorities, businesses, and cultural institutions,
  • Cultivating international and especially European cooperation as an important aspect of its activities, promoting common projects with institutions abroad, and through mutual recognition of study results and diplomas, mobility of academic staff, and students.


The Vision of the University of Pardubice

As an internationally respected center of learning, the University wishes to contribute continually to the development of scientific knowledge, creative human potential, and advanced technologies to improve the quality of life and prosperity of the society.

As the only tertiary education institution of the university type in the Pardubice Region, it wants to be a modern public university open in sharing and exchanging information and dynamically developing in contact with the surrounding world.

As an internally consolidated and financially healthy institution, united by its internal culture, shared values and traditions, and rich in diversity of studied fields – natural, technical, economic, health and social sciences, humanities and artistic fields – the university intends to continue promoting a creative academic environment where scholars will expand the boundaries of human knowledge and pass on their intellectual wealth to the students, train them to become highly qualified professionals ready for successful careers in a wide range of professions within the open competition of the global labor market, and lead them to responsible citizenship, to progressive and productive lives in the globalized community.


Shared Values of the Academic Community of the University of Pardubice

  • Respecting academic freedom, democratic and moral principles
  • Respecting the individual, society, environment, material, cultural and ethical values
  • Promoting creative, critical and independent thinking and its free expression
  • Fostering unity in education, science, research, development, and innovation
  • Supporting individual faculties, their diversity, and integrity of the whole university
  • Establishing partnership and cooperation indiscriminate of gender, race, culture or creed
  • Ensuring quality academic education and support for raising talented students to excellency
  • Promoting integral, highly ethical development and personal growth of individuals
  • Searching for innovative and sustainable solutions to both domestic and global challenges
  • Ensuring quality, prosperity and social responsibility



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