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University Of Manizales  (Universidad De Manizales)

University Of Manizales (Universidad De Manizales)

University Of Manizales  (Universidad De Manizales)


The University of Manizales is a regional educational entity that began its history on July 24, 1972, as a Cooperative for the Promotion of Higher Education. In 1983, it became the Manizales University Foundation; and, finally, the Ministry of National Education, through Resolution No. 2317 of 1992, granted it institutional recognition as a University.

On Monday, July 24, 1972, at 6:30 in the afternoon, 200 students began classes in Public Accounting, Law, Economics and Psychology, at the headquarters of the Industrial Technological Institute. Currently, the University of Manizales has about five thousand students, who pursue their professional careers in academic programs, distributed in five fields of knowledge: social sciences, economic sciences, engineering sciences, legal sciences, and health sciences. . This panorama of knowledge is duly certified with the high-quality accreditations of its academic programs, which are supported by the qualification that 158 ​​of its members have as masters, including teachers and administrators; and 18 doctors, also distributed among professors and administrators.

All of the above, emphasize that the University of Manizales has become, in its historical process, a beacon of reality, whose nature is supported by three significant dimensions: research, teaching, and social projection. The University itself, through its graduates, is located in a direct relationship not only with social phenomena and with other citizens, but also these professionals are highly competent to interact quickly and efficiently with government, commercial, and government sectors. city, region, and country businesses.


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