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Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)

Universitat Politècnica de València (UPV)


The Universitat Politècnica de València is the best Spanish technological university in Spain, according to the Academic Ranking of World Universities (ARWU), known as the Shanghai ranking.

UPV Community

Currently, it has 25,400 students, 3,600 teachers and researchers and 1,400 administration and service professionals, distributed among the three campuses located in the cities of Alcoy, Gandia and Valencia.

Academic offer and employability

The UPV teaches 40 degrees and 13 double degrees; 90 university master's and double master's degrees, and 30 doctoral programs. 72% of UPV students are already working a year after finishing their studies. And this is largely due to internships in companies, which are paid. In addition, the Servipoli Foundation manages the search for part-time jobs compatible with the studies. All of this places the UPV among the 250 most employable universities in the world, according to the QS GER ranking.

international accreditations

The UPV was the first Spanish university to gather the three most outstanding international accreditations: ABET, EUR-ACE and EURO-INF. These seals worldwide certify the quality of studies in the field of engineering and confirm that UPV graduates have the skills required by the profession regardless of the country where it is practiced.


In terms of internationalization, the UPV maintains more than a thousand agreements that allow the exchange of students with other European and Latin American universities, the United States, Canada, Australia, China or Japan. It is the sixth in Europe in Erasmus received, out of a total of 4,500 institutions participating in the program.

Further training

As for complementary training, the UPV offers close to 1,000 courses a year so that each student can configure the curriculum in their own way. In relation to free online courses (MOOCs), the UPV is in the top 5 worldwide, only surpassed by Harvard University, Microsoft, the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) and Delft University.

academic success and excellence

Studying at the UPV is an accessible goal: 91% of undergraduate students who take the exams pass the first time. The UPV likes and convinces its students. So much so that 94% of graduates would go back to study at the UPV if they had to start over.

Perhaps for all of this, the UPV is the third university in Spain with the most top graduates, who present "stunning CVs and exquisite training, the result of preparation and effort", according to the Spanish Society for Academic Excellence. The UPV has representatives in practically all the disciplines it teaches: from Fine Arts to Chemical Engineering, Environmental Sciences, Mechanics or Business Administration and Management (ADE).

research results

In its little more than 50 years of history, the UPV has produced around 145,000 scientific publications. It is the national leader in the number of patents and one of the Spanish academic institutions that obtains the most income from its research activity. In fact, the report of the UNESCO Chair of University Management and Policy describes the UPV as a young, prepared, competitive, international institution with an excellent capacity to monetize the services provided by its teaching and research staff.

Infrastructures and equipment

With regard to infrastructures and equipment, the UPV has magnificent sports facilities, free for the university community, where up to 70 different disciplines can be practiced: fencing, climbing, aikido, capoeira, cycling, yoga, beach volleyball... In Valencia, the Vera campus occupies about 700,000 m2 (about 70 soccer fields) and measures almost 2 km from one end to the other. It is pedestrianized and has more than 125,000 m2 of green areas.

Especially notable is the Casa del Alumno, a 5,200 m2building, managed by the students themselves, which is equipped with computer rooms, spaces for study and group work, a photography laboratory, a rehearsal room... similar to the MIT Student House .

As for the other two venues, Alcoy combines history, nature and culture in a marvelous setting between the Font Roja and Sierra de Mariola natural parks, areas of great scenic and ecological value. And Gandia has 300 sunny days a year and a campus on the beach.


In recent years, the UPV has positioned itself as one of the 200 universities in the world most committed to sustainability and the environment. It is the only Spanish public university to have EMAS accreditation, the European seal that pursues real continuous improvement in this matter.

Thanks to this commitment to sustainability, the UPV has been able to reduce energy consumption by a figure equivalent to the annual registration of 5,293 homes; reduce the carbon footprint by 6.69% or ensure that all the electrical energy used in its facilities is of renewable origin.


  • Alcoi

    Campus de Alcoy Plaza Ferrandiz y Carbonell, s/n, 03801, Alcoi

    • Gandia

      Campus de Gandia C/ Paranimf, 1, 46730, Gandia

      • Valencia

        Campus de Vera Camí de Vera,s/n, 46022, Valencia