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The University of Girona is a public institution that is integrated into the Catalan public university system, excels in teaching and research and participates in the progress and development of society through the creation, transmission, dissemination and criticism of science , technique, humanities, social sciences and health and the arts. It is an economic and cultural engine of its surroundings, and expresses the vocation of universality and openness to all the traditions, advances and cultures of the world.

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25 reasons to study at the UdG

The UdG is teaching quality, international recognition, internships in companies and the possibility of studying right in the center of an active, cultured city of human measure.

  1. Teaching and research. In its 25 years of existence, the University of Girona has excelled in teaching and research in the fields of arts and humanities, sciences, health sciences, social and legal sciences and engineering and architecture. It is the twelfth state university among 66, according to the CyD classification.
  2. Multidisciplinary and transversal training. We offer you a multidisciplinary and transversal training: 48 degrees and eleven double degrees in all fields of knowledge prepare you for the professional future as a critical citizen with the world around you, reflective and observant.
  3. Three urban campuses. The UdG campuses are urban, sustainable, accessible and have global benefits. Right in the middle of the Barri Vell, in the center of the city and in Montilivi, in spaces integrated in a green environment.
  4. A university city You will live and study in a university city. Girona is culture and progress, it is active and dynamic; and it is one of the ten best cities in Europe for a getaway (according to The Guardian, 2016).
  5. Close to you You will receive personalized attention, with small groups, mentoring and an information and advice center specially designed for you.
  6. Training in languages and internships abroad. We help you go further: you will find language training, internships abroad, classes in English and an international mobility program with over 400 destination universities to choose from. The Language Service, with its courses, will help you reach the level required by the degree.
  7. Involvement with the territory. The UdG is present in the demarcation of Girona with research centers, institutes and chairs. And it has centers attached to the demarcation of Barcelona.
  8. We are international We establish collaboration agreements with foreign universities to do teaching and research stays, from South America to the Mediterranean circle, the cross-border space and China.
  9. We are supportive. We get involved with the world: more than 1,000 UdG students actively participate in solidarity actions with developing countries and in situations of humanitarian crisis.
  10. Economic and social engine. We establish alliances with public entities (town halls, councils, county councils ...) and private entities to boost knowledge.
  11. Innovation and applied research. With the sectorial campus program, the UdG becomes the spearhead of applied innovation and research: this facilitates the relationship between companies and institutions of different socioeconomic sectors.
  12. Pioneer in research projects. The UdG is a pioneer in obtaining research projects, as published research and in quantity of scientific publications.
  13. International recognition of research. The more than one hundred research groups, 24 departments, 12 research institutes and 31 chairs generate internationally recognized quality research.
  14. Headquarters of research institutes of the Generalitat. Four research institutes of the Generalitat have their headquarters in the UdG.
  15. We welcome talent. Great thinkers, creators, researchers and contemporary scientists make stays at the UdG.
  16. We transfer technology to society. In the UdG there are four TECNIO groups, expert agents in transfer and with the capacity to provide technological innovation services to companies in Catalonia.
  17. Innovative companies and research groups. The Science and Technology Park has more than a hundred companies and innovative research groups leading technological research.
  18. Excellence in tourism and Erasmus. We have one of the best tourism studios in Spain and we run an Erasmus Mundus of international prestige.
  19. We are committed to teaching innovation. The implementation of problem-based learning is one of the most revolutionary projects of current education and is carried out at the UdG.
  20. Good qualification in the MIR tests. Quality teaching gives concrete results: the grade of 86% of the first doctors of the UdG in the MIR exceeds the state average.
  21. Internships in companies. We prepare you for your professional future with more than 1,500 internship agreements with companies and institutions to complete academic training and a long-term external internship program to promote employability.
  22. Scholarships and grants. We offer you more than 7 million euros in scholarships and study grants.
  23. Quality equipment and services. In the UdG you have everything you need: the library, with more than 10,000 square meters and open 338 days a year, study rooms, computer rooms, a view room for the simulation of trials ... We are the first Catalan university in laboratory places for every 100 students.
  24. Masters and international degrees. You can continue your training with a wide range of 44 professional and research masters and 8 international double degrees.
  25. Sport, leisure and culture. Add to the experience of being a university the enjoyment of sport, the cooperative and solidarity effort, the heartbeat of associationism, the emotion of the castells, the Theater Classroom, the Choir of the UdG and numerous cultural activities: conferences, concerts, exhibitions, readings and the Fiesta Mayor of the University of Girona.

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