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Universitat de Barcelona Master's Degree in International Business
Universitat de Barcelona

Master's Degree in International Business

Barcelona, Spain

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Economic globalization is now an inescapable reality, and it is increasingly essential that companies have an internationalization strategy in place to ensure their competitiveness in global environments. The Masters Degree in International Business addresses the need to produce graduates who are equipped to manage global companies operating at the international level, providing students with the knowledge and skills needed to work in the various functional areas of company management.

The Masters Degree in International Business covers all the disciplines students must understand to successfully manage an international company.

The program enables graduates who have acquired more general training in a Bachelors Degree in International Business, Business Administration and Management, or a similar program to specialize and attain the competences developed on an advanced masters course. In addition to theoretical training, students learn by applying their knowledge to analyse and come up with solutions to practical cases and situations like the ones they will have to deal with in their professional roles.

Thanks to a participatory, case-based approach, students get plenty of practice working on cases that closely reflect business reality.

Students who successfully complete the program will have achieved an academic level that allows them to pursue a career with an international company, acting with complete autonomy as chief financial officer, marketing director, director of operations, human resources director or general manager.



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