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The MQSE master's degree (Maintenance Quality Safety Environment) is a professional, generalist, and multidisciplinary training in Quality, Safety and the Environment, which takes place over two years. It responds to a current need in the three economic sectors, public or private. This multidisciplinary training, available in initial, continuing, and apprenticeship training, addresses all issues relating to quality, safety, and the environment in businesses, industries, regional and local authorities, or the health sector.

It is specific, and its problem is different from those of other masters relating either to the environment or to quality or safety in defined professional sectors. The plurality of disciplines that compose it reflects the plurality of caps that our students and apprentices must know how to wear throughout their professional careers.

The priority of the MQSE Master is to provide training that allows our students and apprentices to be operational in a professional environment upon leaving the master and creating their own business. We are incredibly attentive to the professional integration into the various professional sectors of our alumni. To do this, we remain vigilant to changes in the labor market and listen to companies with which we enrich our training every day.

Our rich training program, mainly provided by professionals from the QSE sector working in large companies such as Airbus, Bosch, Chanel, KONE, Transdev, etc., as well as periods of work in companies, make it possible to train experts capable of identifying risks in different professional fields, deal with a wide range of technical problems by providing concrete solutions, develop prevention projects, negotiate operations between several structures, ensure maintenance and quality, in place of communication and training actions, and to provide new techniques and methodologies through research.

The MQSE master's degree is accessible by application and interview to students holding a scientific license (chemistry, biology, physics) and any holder of a license with a technical orientation in the QSE field or with a training course in good adequacy with the objectives of the master.


In-depth practical and theoretical training in the areas of quality, safety, and the environment;

The basics of maintenance management for technical installations and equipment;

Mastery of tools to assess and assess the level of compliance (quality, safety, and environment) of companies;

Knowledge of the principles to be followed and of the practices to be put in place for the improvement of quality, safety, and environmental management systems in companies or certification;

The technical and scientific fi c skills to manage quality, safety, and the environment at the highest level;

The management and communication skills required in the field.

Targeted skills:

Train experts:

Capable of identifying and dealing with risks in the industry, in the construction industry, in communities (hospitals, town halls, etc.), or any other activity sector;

Able to ensure compliance (maintenance, quality, safety, and environment) concerning requirements in all activity sectors;

Capable of bringing a structure to the certification of its activities according to the relevant standards and benchmarks;

Capable of managing large-scale projects, negotiating transactions between several structures;

Capable of implementing communication and training actions;

Capable of dealing with a wide range of technical problems by providing concrete solutions;

Moreover, finally capable of providing new techniques and methodologies for the management of QSE issues;

Many career opportunities are open to holders of the MQSE Master:

Manager or assistant to the Quality, Safety, and Environment department in large industries and SMEs (automotive, aeronautics, food, defense, rail transport, environment, energy, construction, etc.), in hospitals, clinics (quality, regulations, maintenance, etc.), in regional and local authorities (head of the Risk Prevention Office, HSE manager, etc.);

Project managers or project managers (particularly in the field of standardization in organizations such as AFNOR);

Consultants in regional and local authorities, and state services, design offices, and technological laboratories;

Company founder in the maintenance, quality, safety, and environment sectors.

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