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Universidade de Aveiro Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation
Universidade de Aveiro

Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation

Aveiro, Portugal

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Master in Contemporary Artistic Creation

The Master of Contemporary Artistic Creation aims to equip students with a practice exposed in the development of projects, which intent to strengthen the autonomy of the work and permit to achieving self-consciousness of a creative act - essential for the praxis as an artist. The ranking of students for the MA seeks to represent a broad overview of artistic activity. The selection is based on a choice of individuals who, in general, has a predictive body of identity of a continued artistic practice.

Found in the designation Contemporary Artistic Creation a platform of intersection for new technologies and contemporary art (Media Arts). An assumption of transdisciplinarity that reveals the intention to develop, implement and raise awareness and reflection for the visual arts - it is hoped that this effort to expand beyond the considerations about the relationship of art and technology.

Based on the paradigm of interaction, seen as a form of action that occurs between two or more objects that echo effect on each other, we find a line of thought that drives this master. The resulting combinations of several interactions, simple or complex, offer and guide us in a surprising and emerging phenomenon where one sees, and says the idea that all systems are interrelated (interdependent), where any and all actions providing all expose a result of a conscious approach grammar implicit in the constitution of the discourse of contemporary work of art - in its various forms, ranging from audio-visual facilities for interactive systems, through hypermedia, virtual reality, to the concepts of network and cyberspace .

We see all this discourse in the sense to develop advanced skills: in the context of methodologies and research practices in art, the use of new technologies applied to art, understanding / communication / interpretation of transdisciplinary science involved, the interpersonal skills and group for the work of multidisciplinary team.

The classes are concentrated at thursday and friday and are classroom-based work (to-face), it is expected some flexibility and special monitoring, particularly in the case of students with student-worker status.


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