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Universidad De Cartagena

Universidad De Cartagena

Universidad De Cartagena


The University of Cartagena has been the training space for young people in the Colombian Caribbean since the 19th century. Its history and importance are expressed since the dawn of independence and in the dream of the liberators Simón Bolívar and Francisco de Paula Santander, organizers of the new Colombian State. They envisioned education as the ideal means for the formation of the new generations that would lead the destinies of the Republic.

The first academic programs with which the University began were the School of Philosophy and Letters, the School of Medicine, and the School of Jurisprudence. Already in the twentieth century, assuming the dynamics of transformation of higher education, the University began a process of modernization in response to the industrial reality that the country and the region were experiencing; expanding, diversifying, and assuming the entry of new social groups such as women.

Today, in tune with the times, Alma Mater takes on a new challenge: to remain the best not only because of the historical prestige that contributed to national development, but because globalization requires that this be translated into quality, assumed from the academic proposal and from the sustained support in the internal processes that lead to the satisfaction of those who for one reason or another relate their interests with the Institution. Here is not only the University dreamed of by the liberators, but by each one of us who have built it day by day.


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