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Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes Interinstitutional expertise in livestock production
Universidad Autonoma de Aguascalientes

Interinstitutional expertise in livestock production

Aguascalientes, Mexico

2 Years


Full time

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Jul 2023

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The Inter-Institutional Master's Degree in Livestock Production (MIPPE) is proposed as a research-oriented program that seeks in its students to develop basic and applied research skills that lead to the solution of livestock production problems, considering beef-producing bovines, dairy-producing bovines, sheep, goats, poultry (broilers and laying hens) and pigs.

The following Universities participate:

  • Autonomous University of Aguascalientes
  • University of Colima
  • University of Guadalajara
  • University of Guanajuato

The Lines of Generation and Application of Knowledge are the following:

  • Nutrition
  • Reproduction and Animal Genetics
  • Animal health


Comprehensively train postgraduates capable of contributing to the solution of problems in the livestock environment, using research methods and methodologies that allow them to innovate the processes and products of ruminants, poultry and pigs, in order to increase production and improve production processes. transformation as well as maintaining resources.

Graduation profile

The graduate of the Master in Livestock Production according to their line of training, will have the following knowledge, skills, attitudes and values.


  • He has knowledge of livestock production problems related to the research lines of the program, as well as strategies to solve them and improve the volumes and quality of livestock products.
  • It has tools for the design and development of innovative projects that apply technologies to solve livestock problems.
  • Handles data collection techniques, organization, analysis and interpretation of data, focused on research in the area of livestock production.


  • It is capable of carrying out studies focused on responding to livestock problems, through research and technology transfer.
  • Plans, implements and evaluates different production techniques applied to livestock units.
  • Has the ability to work in interdisciplinary and multidisciplinary groups.
  • Manages the obtaining of resources to make the animal production systems efficient and competitive, which allow their professional development and the dependency where they work.


  • He is an individual with an attitude of openness to knowledge.
  • Has a disposition for teamwork.
  • Entrepreneur and innovator in research development.


  • He is respectful of the environment and guides his professional performance by the principles of sustainable development.
  • Show responsibility and commitment.
  • He is intellectually honest and acts ethically.
  • He is dedicated in the development of his work.

Requirements to obtain the degree

The processes for obtaining the degree will be governed by the provisions of the Postgraduate Regulations and applicable regulations of the corresponding institution and include:

  1. Approve all the credits of the study plan.
  2. Defend and approve the thesis work, through its oral and written presentation.

The time limit for obtaining the degree will be that determined by the corresponding regulation. In the case of Conacyt scholarship holders, this limit will be 2.5 years from the date of registration and entry into the program.

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