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Unilasalle Canoas-RS & La Salle Business School

Unilasalle Canoas-RS & La Salle Business School

Unilasalle Canoas-RS & La Salle Business School


Tradition and growth define La Salle University, an institution of higher education that is directly connected to the history of Canoas, one of the most prosperous and productive regions of Brazil. Its campus encompasses more than 54,000 m², including a wide area of Atlantic Forest and plenty of facilities. Throughout its history, La Salle University, inspired by Christian values, has maintained its primary objective to educate and train people who, upholding consistent values, work towards a more equal, fraternal, and participatory society. The Institution invests heavily in its internationalization process and boasts a roster of 60+ partner institutions across the world. Always steered by the principles of the La Salle Network operating in all continents, Unilasalle Canoas maintains in its essence a commitment to people appreciation and community development. In 2017, the then La Salle University Center was accredited as a university, achieving the highest level of organizational complexity among the different types of Brazilian institutions of higher education. The quest to obtain accreditation as a university emerged in 2013, after defining the Provincial Council of Lasallian Brothers, responsible for the La Salle Network for education in all of Brazil. Based on this decision, the institution established its institutional development plan, focused on actions that would enable it, in the mid-term, to achieve the indicators recommended by the Ministry of Education to obtain its accreditation as a university and maintain the quality of the education it provides, which is a Lasalle staple.


  • Historical Centre

    Avenida Getúlio Vargas,5532, 92010-013, Historical Centre