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University for International Cooperation

University for International Cooperation

University for International Cooperation


To meet the challenges of regenerative and sustainable development, we require professionals with a comprehensive, holistic and cross-training.

UCI is characterized by novel design, educational programs relevant and accessible from anywhere in the world.

University for International Cooperation has created a Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation focused on developing entrepreneurial skills of thousands of Latin Americans who require a laboratory that allows them to boost their business experiment.

Research, Extension and Outreach

University extension, research and linking with teaching are fundamental pillars of the educational model of the UCI.

Entrepreneurship and Innovation Center

The Center for Entrepreneurship and Innovation UCI focuses on developing entrepreneurial skills.

scenarios to guide future plans and policies

The project has developed climate and socioeconomic scenarios as a tool for strategic policy planning.


Co-create educational and cooperative solutions that contribute to the construction of an intelligent society with universal ethics, through participatory partnerships, responsible and caring.


UCI is a global organization of educational innovation for an inclusive knowledge society, seeking a regenerative and evolutionary development to a complex, diverse and changing world.

History of the University for International Cooperation

University for International Cooperation (UCI) was born in Costa Rica in 1994, as a response to the need for Latin American and Caribbean region to have professionals with inter and multidisciplinary training, to effectively address the challenges and multifaceted dilemmas the complexity of the modern world, under the concepts of sustainability, regeneration, conservation and globalization.

UCI has a clear responsibility to help train leaders to promote a smart, able to deal with reality, more inclusive holistic view of knowledge different global society; facultative academic and scientific rigor in which the paradigms of current scientific and technological development but with values ​​and attitudes construction of social responsibility, harmony with nature and the creation of a more cohesive and inclusive society is based. The UCI adopted and promoted combined virtual and learning models, since before the movement became a mass phenomenon.

"An institution, many nations". More than 3,500 graduates originating from 54 world countries and 5 continents are the many faces that make the UCI contemporary study center with global reach.

Competence education, ICT as tools for training, learning spaces dynamic forms of international qualifications, teachers experts renowned in their fields, formats and innovative classes (virtual, face and mixed) aligned with the demands of the educational paradigm today They are the UCI contribution to the future of education.

University for International Cooperation is knowledge, development and innovation for the future.

UCI is intelligent, virtual, competitive, strategic, connected, diverse, flexible, positive and global.


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