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Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Of Iasi

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Of Iasi

Gheorghe Asachi Technical University Of Iasi


TUIASI students have access to top-notch technical studies, as the university is one of the best in the country and Eastern Europe. Great professors, relevant courses and new labs await you.

‘Gheorghe Asachi’ Technical University of Iaşi has the oldest tradition in engineering education in Romania. Since its foundation, TUIASI has given priority to research, interdisciplinary approach, innovation, teaching and, during the last two decades, internationalisation. Our main goal of developing ‘technology for the people around us’ has always been at the core of TUIASI’s research, teaching and technology transfer activities. This goal has made us continuously build and develop the university. It now has about 13.000 students, 23 research and excellence centres and 8 research teams and accredited research labs. TUIASI has signed over 303 Erasmus agreements with 25 countries, so you’ll meet people from all around the world. And did you know that the University’s library is one of the most beautiful libraries in the world, competing with the likes of Trinity College Library in Dublin and the National Library of France?

The university is centred around the educational needs of the students, constantly improving its facilities and its curricula to meet the ever-changing demands in the work field. TUIASI has strong ties with national and international businesses, big companies like Microsoft, Delphi, Continental, Amazon and many others were the Technical University’s students and alumni often end up as interns or employees.


  • The Faculty of Automatic Control and Computer Engineering
  • "Cristofor Simionescu" Faculty of Chemical Engineering and Environmental Protection
  • The Faculty of Civil Engineering and Building Services
  • Faculty of Machine Manufacturing and Industrial Management
  • The Faculty of Electronics, Telecommunications and Information Technology
  • The Faculty of Electrical Engineering
  • The Faculty of Hydrotechnics, Geodesy and Environmental Engineering
  • The Faculty of Mechanical Engineering
  • The Faculty of Materials Science and Engineering
  • ”G.M. Cantacuzino” Faculty of Architecture
  • The Faculty of Industrial Design and Business Management

The core of TUIASI – Its community

The University is a very tight community. The students, administrative staff and teachers meet on a regular basis and work together on common projects – building race cars or restarting a Romanian car brand – ARO -, building interesting and fun structures, like a model building made out of spaghetti or a Christmas tree made up of various 3D shapes and also joining forces to compete in international math and engineering challenges, coming back home each year with gold, bronze and silver medals.

This collaboration extends to the campus – there are weekly meetings with the students who live on campus in order to improve their lifestyle and lodgings. At the students’ request, two new lecture halls have been built, equipped with fast Internet connection and open late in the night, and also two around the clock wash stations. During the last years, the campus staff was working on intelligent bike parking systems and revitalised the green areas in and around the campus.

There are 13 student associations at TUIASI – BEST, AIESEC and one for each of the 11 faculties – dedicated to promoting students’ rights, extracurricular and non-formal learning and, of course, having lots of fun. These organisations often hold a variety of cultural and professional events, like workshops, shows, trips and sports competitions.


We are constantly striving to build a friendly, comfortable and safe atmosphere, so TUIASI students have at their disposal a wide range of facilities at excellent standards. On campus, which is one of the largest university campuses in Romania, you’ll find modern residence halls, a new cafeteria with affordable prices, a counselling centre where students are welcome to enjoy new experiences through personal development, professional and voluntary programs developed by the University, sports facilities with special rates for students and free-of-charge laundry services for TUIASI students.


Established as a reference and research technical library, TUIASI Library has a central library and six branches. It is recognised as one of the most beautiful in the world and integrates new technology into traditional learning and research.

The library has about one million volumes archived according to the international cataloguing and indexing practices and supports teaching and research in a wide range of subjects in engineering and technology, science, economics and law.

Accommodation and cafeteria

Like most Romanian students coming from different regions of the country and many foreign students, you could choose to live on campus. University accommodation means 21 dorms in ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’ Student Campus, with 8,000 places. Also, there is a new and modern cafeteria, where you can eat tasty food at cheap prices.

Health service

The Student Health Service (Policlinica Studenţească) offers a full range of medical services to students and it is located on campus. All international students have access to free consultation from doctors and hospital treatment.

City, campus and student life

You’ll be studying in Iași, the heart of Moldova and one of the busiest, most vibrant cities in Romania. Awesome places, tasty local food and great nightlife that you’ll instantly fall in love with. You’ll live in ‘Tudor Vladimirescu’, an 8,000 student campus that’s like a small city within the city. On campus you have everything you need: canteen with great and incredibly cheap food, modern gym, playing fields, cafés, bars, clubs, you name it! The dorms are within walking distance from Iulius Mall (shops, restaurants, 3D cinema, etc) and the newest business and shopping centre of the city, Palas.

By the way, did you know that Romania has the best internet speed in Europe? It’s ranked first in the continent and 10th in the world. Stay in touch with friend and family and never miss a Facebook post, an Instagram image or a tweet while on campus.

Leisure and sports

Life as a TUIASI student isn’t all about work, courses and research. We promote a healthy lifestyle experience through sports and leisure facilities, providing two modern and fully equipped gym halls, six playing fields, fitness and aerobic centre, as well as a place where you can play football, volleyball and basketball.


  • Iași

    Bulevardul Profesor Dimitrie Mangeron 67, 700050, Iași