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Tokyo Women's Medical University

Tokyo Women's Medical University

Tokyo Women's Medical University


In 1900, YOSHIOKA Yayoi founded Tokyo Women’s Medical School, the predecessor of Tokyo Women’s Medical University (TWMU) today. Yoshioka was a passionate advocate of investing in the establishment of a medical university for women. Yoshioka voiced the need to empower women with medical education that would enable them to alleviate human suffering, to signify the women’s s competence to execute treatment and care, and to ensure their “economic independence.” It was a mission accomplished with remarkable foresight, courage, commitment, and perseverance at a time in history when suffrage and medical education for women seemed inconceivable. Yoshioka’s core values continue to define the academic philosophy and mission of Tokyo Women’s Medical University: to nurture women medical doctors dedicated to pursuing their profession with“Sincerity and Compassion.”

Tokyo Women’s Medical University has developed from Tokyo Women’s Medical School and has produced many female physicians who have contributed to our society. Tokyo Women’s Medical University School of Medicine was established in 1950. Tokyo Women’s Medical College was established in 1952. Then, in 1998, the School of Nursing was added. In the 21st century, the Institute of Advanced Biomedical Engineering and Science was established in 2008, Tokyo Women’s Medical University Institute for Integrated Medical Sciences (TIIMS) was established in 2010, and Intelligent Clinical Research and Innovation Center was established in 2012. In this way, our university has expanded its medical research institutions to respond to contemporary needs. It continues to enhance the facilities and develop female physicians who can contribute to the health of people while pursuing advanced, holistic, and safe medicine.


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