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Tokyo Woman's Christian University

Tokyo Woman's Christian University

Tokyo Woman's Christian University


In the words of President Inazo Nitobe, who proposed the establishment of a school emblem at a university-wide rally after the opening of the school in 1918, he learned that the newly born Tokyo Women's Christian University dreamed of a community in which the spirit of Christianity flows. I can.

"I like the spirit of this school, the spirit of Christ. For example, there is nothing more representative of this spirit than sacrifice and service. And nothing is more important than this spirit throughout your life. I think. In English, it's Service and Sacrifice. It's interesting to take two S's in the acronym and put them side by side or to make them into a sword shape. It's also a cross shape. Human The vertical relationship is important. This is the relationship between God and man, and the horizontal relationship is the fellowship of individuals and the shape of the cross that expresses sociality. This shape represents human beings. If you think about it in the center, it may be the most stable form. Also, SS is a Roman character that leads to mind and body, thought and works.... "

This kind of "spirit" is contained in the colorful school emblem.


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