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The Institute for European Studies

The Institute for European Studies

The Institute for European Studies


Officially inaugurated on February 27, 1964, the IEE-ULB was created by prominent personalities such as Ganshof van der Meersch and Paul-Henri Spaak. He quickly achieved a level of disciplinary excellence in European law. In its 50 years of existence, the Institute of European Studies has graduated nearly 7,500 students.

Why come to study at the IEE-ULB?

All the reasons to choose the Institute of European Studies of the Free University of Brussels!

Choosing ULB means studying :

  • in the heart of Europe
  • in an International and Multicultural University
  • in a cosmopolitan city with human dimensions

Choosing IEE .... is to study in an institute that :

  • concentrates within it all the disciplinary dimensions of European studies (law, economics, history and political science) and practices a genuine inter- or multi-disciplinarity
  • offers one of the most diversified and at the same time comprehensive pallets of education, at the master's, master's and doctoral levels
  • research and teaching
  • is committed to promoting truly bilingual lessons, French / English
  • is at the heart of important cooperation networks, both at Belgian and international level.

What does the IEE Diploma mean in the job market ?

  • The capacity of a plural reading of a social phenomenon affecting the EU, analysis of the power relations within the institutions and Member States, and the dynamics of the actors of the different political systems.
  • The ability to communicate orally or in writing, to argue critically by manipulating abstract concepts, to use the English language at B1, to familiarize with European cultures
  • The ability to carry out projects autonomously, apply scientific methods, carry out several important tasks, work in teams and develop time management
  • The ability to act as a specialist depending on the chosen curriculum in many areas of European integration.
  • A personal ethic, a scientific spirit, a structured, critical and independent thought , a respect for ethics.


  • Brussels

    39 avenue F.D Roosevelt, 1050, Brussels