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State University Of Goias - Universidade Estadual De Goias

State University Of Goias - Universidade Estadual De Goias

State University Of Goias - Universidade Estadual De Goias


Created in 1999 by Law 13.456, the State University of Goiás brought a new and promising reality in Higher Education in the State. Organized as a multicampus University, based in Anápolis, UEG is the result of the process of transformation and incorporation of important higher education institutions such as the State University of Anápolis (Uniana), the Higher School of Physical Education of the State of Goiás (Esefego) and other isolated higher education institutions, maintained by the government.

According to historical records, UEG was born to benefit a large number of municipalities in Goiás, with an emphasis on regional specificities. Its growth provided an innovative experience through a project of interiorization of teaching, research, and extension activities, leading to several municipalities in Goiás a University Campus with the implementation of undergraduate and graduate courses in the most diverse areas of knowledge. In addition, UEG implemented Special Programs such as the Full Parceled Degree Program that provided training, at the undergraduate level, to thousands of teachers from the state, municipal and private networks.

UEG has been taking shape with the mission of producing and socializing scientific knowledge and knowledge, in addition to developing the culture and integral training of professionals and individuals capable of being critically inserted in society and promoting the transformation of the socioeconomic reality of the State of Goiás and from the country. As a multicampus institution, UEG has University Campus in all micro-regions of the State contributing to the sustainable development of Goiás.


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