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Sigmund Freud University Berlin MSc Psychology (majoring in clinical psychology)
Sigmund Freud University Berlin

MSc Psychology (majoring in clinical psychology)

Berlin, Germany

4 Semesters


Full time

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EUR 5,850 / per semester



What characterizes the study of psychology at SFU in general?

All courses of study at the Faculty of Psychology are based on the same principles, objectives and values: The basic training (Bachelor's and Master's courses) is practical and takes place as close as possible to the existing practice and care facilities. All courses with a practice character are carried out in small groups. The individual support of the students by professors and assistants, which is geared towards personal support, is guaranteed by the open-door policy at the Faculty of Psychology. This also enables particularly intensive support with regard to empirical exams and theses, which paves the way for very individual research topics and further scientific development.

Studying psychology prepares you for a wide variety of career opportunities. This wide range of career prospects corresponds to a wide range of research-supported and research-led teaching, especially in the basic studies. In order to promote the willingness for interdisciplinarity right from the start, more attention is paid to including relevant topics from adjacent scientific and practical disciplines in the lessons or to being able to choose different focal points. Compared to the primarily scientifically oriented courses offered at the state Austrian and German universities and colleges, the curricula of the psychology courses at the Faculty of Psychology are much more oriented towards the reception of social, cultural and humanities approaches and therefore also include more progressive approaches in the economically oriented offers.

How is the master's degree at the Psychology Department of the SFU structured?

The main concern of the teaching in the framework of the master's programs is to support the students in developing their own professional identity, which suits them best and which is always formed together in a mutually resonating manner in the individual context. For this purpose, not only are empirical key qualifications and practice-relevant skills imparted within the framework of integrated theory units and application exercises, but personal development is also promoted by means of a uniquely close-meshed support by teachers from science and practice. This creates the ability to take a critical stance in scientific discourse and competent participation in professional life in holistic and integrative approaches to the development of individually suitable and sustainable application solutions.

You can either choose to specialize in clinical psychology (German programme) with a focus on psychotherapeutic and psychosocial intervention (double enrollment possible). Or the decision falls on International Business and Economic Psychology (German-English study program in cooperation with Vienna). If in doubt, it is advisable to combine both courses in order to complete a double degree as part of the interlinked course. In addition to the options in the clinical master's degree, there is also the special feature of being able to prepare for the master's thesis on a very individual topic and to develop it scientifically within the framework of cultural psychological research projects relating to clinical-psychological practice, through very individual support from the professors . On the other hand, in the business psychology master's program, intensive project work with high practical relevance is carried out in order to put the theoretical content through its paces in more depth. Both courses also have in common that a semester is scheduled for a job-related internship, which is also supported by the university side in parallel with the practice in order to achieve the best possible effects. Finally, there is the possibility, if desired, to spend a semester at another SFU branch (Milan, Ljubljana, Paris & Vienna). The payment model with the "flat rate" is particularly suitable for this.

Students who started their basic psychology studies (Bachelor level) before the winter semester 2020/2021 can start psychotherapy training in Germany after completing their Master’s degree with a clinical focus. The change in the law in 2020 gives you the opportunity to complete your license under the old law by 2032.

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A module overview and a potential study plan can be found in the brochure for the study program.


The Master's degree in Psychology was accredited by the Austrian Accreditation Council in 2009.


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