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Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute SCUPI

Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute SCUPI

Sichuan University-Pittsburgh Institute SCUPI


Pittsburgh College of Sichuan University is a model of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools in the new era. Since we started discussing the establishment of a joint college with Sichuan University in 2011, the two sides have taken fruitful steps on the road of cooperation. After more than two years of hard work, Sichuan University’s Pittsburgh College formally obtained the Ministry of Education’s approval letter and school permit in March 2014, becoming the first in the western region and the country’s five Sino-US colleges and universities formally approved by the Ministry of Education. one. The joint college jointly established by Sichuan University and the University of Pittsburgh conforms to the development trend of international education, and is an innovative and beneficial exploration of educational models and educational concepts of Sino-foreign cooperation in running schools.

I have been teaching in American universities for nearly 30 years. He joined the School of Engineering of the University of Pittsburgh in 2000 and served as the head of the Department of Mechanical Engineering and Materials Science for 15 years. During this period, I have seen more and more Chinese students go to the United States to study for a degree. After training in the advanced American higher education system, the vast majority of Chinese students can become outstanding engineers and industry elites after graduation, or enter a better university to continue their studies. Therefore, the primary mission of Pittsburgh College of Sichuan University is to introduce the most advanced American education model and rich educational resources into China, and cultivate students' professional learning, teamwork and innovation abilities from the undergraduate level. We hope that under the influence of the new education model, our students can feel the learning environment superior to the traditional model and in line with international standards in advance, and lay a good foundation for the development of their careers.

In order to achieve the goal of cultivating first-class engineering graduates, the college will make bold innovations in the talent training model. The teaching plan of the college's professional courses is exclusively designed by the expert team of Pitt University, and excellent teachers are recruited from all over the world to teach in English. Most teachers have educational backgrounds from top schools in the United States and Europe. The operation and management model of the college will also be usefully explored in conjunction with the model of American colleges and universities. Most students of the college not only have the opportunity to go to the University of Pittsburgh to complete their undergraduate studies, but also have outstanding advantages when looking for jobs and applying for overseas graduate programs.


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