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Education will last a lifetime" is the opening line of the foundation statement of Seikei Jitsumu Gakko, the first higher education institution established by Haruji Nakamura, who then goes on to state the essence of education is fostering a willingness to raise intellectual curiosity to engender self-improvement for life. "Respecting individuality", "Cultivating one’s character", and "Fulfillment of labor", are all part of the founding spirit, and supported by "self-motivation", which indicates learning and acting on your own volition.

Seikei University inherits the educational principles of its founder, expands the field of independent challenges of students, and sends them on to such "outside worlds" as local communities, industry and commerce, and far afield to foreign countries. Summer School provides an opportunity to study abroad in the summer of the first year and for many is the first step in contacting different cultures and living abroad. In the Marunouchi Business Training, students learn in a company environment and experience hands-on problem-solving. The International Course of SEIKEI is designed to improve the ability to express an opinion in English and prepares the ground for a productive life in the global society.

These educational programs unique to Seikei University respect the individual and offer students "extraordinary experiences" for self-improvement in a vital atmosphere of friendly rivalry among fellow students in many different fields and all within a single campus where students in the four faculties of the arts and sciences work, study and socialize together.

Small group instruction is also a tradition that preserves our founding spirit. Seikei University is proud of the fact that teachers and students deepen their relationships in small groups and through two-way communication help each other deepen their knowledge. Detailed instruction appropriate to the individual character of each student helps cultivate their ability to meet further challenges.

On the campus in Kichijoji, with its avenues of blooming zelkova trees, there lies a world that can open the door to their future, a world beyond a student's imagination. We hope you take up the challenge and actively venture into the unknown and make every effort in your four years to polish and improve yourself and your academic abilities.


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