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Schoevers College

Schoevers College


Schoevers has its own opinion on education. We call this 'attention learning' and it stands for small-scale, practice-oriented education. This allows us to guide students intensively, with a lot of personal attention. And we employ top teachers who know what is going on in their field and in the leading companies in the Netherlands.

Schoevers is not only an education, but also a mentality. Of course, you will learn like no other the trade of, for example, a management assistant, office manager or communication professional, but above all you will learn how to approach at a high level. We teach you to look beyond the edge of your desk and to carry out projects professionally and independently. Anyone who can do that succeeds everywhere. In a conversation we would like to discuss what Schoevers has to offer.


  • Hilversum

    Marathon,7, 1200 AK, Hilversum