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Sapienza University of Rome Master of Science in Genetics and Molecular Biology
Sapienza University of Rome

Master of Science in Genetics and Molecular Biology

Rome, Italy

2 Years


Full time

29 Jul 2024

Oct 2024

EUR 1,500 / per year *


* tuition for our bachelor's and master's programs is € 300-1500/year


Over the last few years, there has been an extraordinary boom of genetics and molecular biology, two disciplines that have become progressively integrated to currently embody the core of modern biology. They are jointly used to investigate and understand the genetic-molecular bases governing the implementation of complex biological processes, such as cell development and differentiation both in animal and plant systems. Moreover, the grasp of such mechanisms allows us to understand how the malfunctioning of genes is linked to the onset of human diseases.

Therefore, genetics and molecular biology make important contributions not only to basic but also to applied research, primarily research aimed at improving human health.

Genetics, born as the study of heritable traits, has quickly evolved into the study of the structure and function of hereditary material. The results obtained in the first decades of the last century demonstrated that the genetic composition of an organism not only determines the various levels of its phenotypic organisation but also the interaction modalities with its environment. At the same time, molecular biology allowed us to explain the molecular mechanisms of many essential biological processes. The molecular details of the chemical structure of a gene, as well as its replication, transcription, and translation modalities, are well-known nowadays. In addition, the latest genetic engineering technologies have provided a strong research tool to overcome the limits laid by the same nature of the biological systems under study, that were seemingly insurmountable until a few years ago.

This created new fields of basic and applied research and enlarged those already existing. A specially developing field is that of research applied to the genetic and molecular study of both inherited and acquired human diseases. There has been therefore a strong demand for specialists in this field, who can perform top-level research at universities, research institutes, and industry.



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