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NOVA School of Law

NOVA School of Law

NOVA School of Law


To keep pace with the changing times and respect their demands. To be an example to be followed. To fill with pride those who, along with us, have decided to contribute to a fairer and better society. This is NOVA School of Law’s commitment.


Through the debate between ideas, cultures, and talents, we create knowledge, and innovative practices and we open new paths for the future.

The mission of NOVA School of Law is to enhance the differences and individualities of each student, making diversity a starting point for adapting to the challenges to which the Law responds.

Guiding Principles


1. NOVA School of Law was created to be at the center of innovation in the development of legal sciences and in the teaching of Law in Portugal through its progress in research, the teaching of new disciplines, the use of new pedagogical methodologies, and its goal of responding to new professional training requirements.

2. The mission of NOVA School of Law is to be open to society, new branches of law, and other social sciences, with a specific focus on contemporary changes to public life and its inherent problems. In addition to its traditional research and teaching activities, NOVA School of Law will address the need for developing activities of debate, collaboration, and for dissemination of ideas with other sectors of society. Close relations with the most modern Law Schools in Europe and the United States are a priority.

3. NOVA School of Law is committed to reinforcing the idea of ​​an academic community, believing that the professional mission of university law education must develop in balance with other essential functions, both cultural and scientific. From a pedagogical point of view, NOVA School of Law aims to maintain high standards of merit and evaluation.


4. NOVA School of Law, in addition to addressing the basic legal and non-legal disciplines essential to the training of a lawyer, regards its specific goals to be the investigation and teaching of emerging rights in the following areas:

  • Forensic Law
  • Public Administration Law
  • International Law
  • Corporate Law
  • Social Law

5. Particular attention will be given to “Law Making”, “Law and Economics” and “Critical Law Studies”.

6. NOVA School of Law will organize large public conferences on“The State of Justice in Portugal” and “The State of Public Administration in Portugal” on a regular basis.


  • Lisbon

    Campus de Campolide 18, 1099-032, Lisbon