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National University Of San Luis


The UNSL History and Memory Program, created by Ord. Rect. No. 3/12, aims to implement a permanent policy of preservation, safeguarding, conservation and dissemination of the material and documentary heritage of the historical memory of the National University of San Luis and the region. Politics, which in short is to concretize in actions a commitment and a duty with its own history, since it is the mission of the university to preserve culture above all, to guarantee the transfer of the cultural heritage of humanity from one generation to another. In this sense, it aspires to value the UNSL Historical Documentary Archive, conceiving it, with a vision consistent with the reality of the 21st century, as one of the central instruments of transformation. Undoubtedly, the actions that are undertaken, with their materials, and productions made available to the entire community will contribute to vindicate the values ​​of a public, open, and participatory university, which will seek to strengthen the bond with society, building bridges between the past, the present and the future.


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