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National University of La Plata

National University of La Plata

National University of La Plata


The History of the National University of La Plata began to take shape at the end of the 19th century when the then Buenos Aires senator Rafael Hernández promoted the initiative to create a University that would respond to the renewed needs for scientific, technical, and cultural training that young people expressed. generations that began to inhabit the newly founded city of La Plata, the new capital of the province of Buenos Aires. In mid-1889 an important current of opinion was formed in favor of the creation of the provincial house of studies that led to the sanction, on December 27 of that year, of the corresponding law. On January 2, 1890, it was promulgated by the governor of Máximo Paz. However, the rule was not effectively enforced until February 8, 1897, when Governor Guillermo Udaondo decreed that the law be complied with and the Provincial University of La Plata be constituted.

The brand new house of studies was publicly inaugurated on April 18, 1897, under the mandate of Dr. Dardo Rocha, who was elected as its first Rector and extended its academic life until 1905. It began to function with three faculties - Law, Physicomathematics, and Chemistry- and a School of Midwives.

The University functioned between 1897 and 1905 in precarious conditions due to a lack of material resources and elements for teaching. During the course of 1904, the evident decline of the Provincial University did not escape the vision of intellectuals and politicians, and this was reflected mainly in the low attendance of its classrooms.


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