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Naruto University Of Education

Naruto University Of Education

Naruto University Of Education


The Naruto University of Education is located in Seto Inland Sea National Park. The university’s surroundings include the dynamic Naruto whirlpools, Ryōzen-ji Temple, which is the first stop on the 88-temple Shikoku Pilgrimage, and the Ōtsuka Museum of Art, which houses an exhibit of ceramic plate reproductions of Western works of art. Only two hours by highway bus from Osaka, the park draws large numbers of tourists and pilgrims.

A scenic and shining idyll of the sapphire sea and emerald trees, our university’s extraordinarily beautiful campus is conducive to an expansive atmosphere that encourages contemplative and studious effort. Our first president, Yoshiaki Maeda, in the belief that “the environment is a silent education, and the environment and structures of the university are wordless teachers,” involved himself from the initial design stages in order to create one of the most beautiful campuses in Japan.


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    748, Nakajima, Takashima, Naruto-cho, 772-8502, Naruto