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Mondragon Unibertsitatea Master's Degree in Internationalization of Organizations
Mondragon Unibertsitatea

Master's Degree in Internationalization of Organizations

Bilbao, Spain

18 Months


Full time

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EUR 12,000 / per course

Distance learning


"You will help companies to expand around the world and open new international markets"

We live in a globalized world and companies are no strangers to this scenario. In order to continue growing and being competitive, they need to open new international markets or install new offices in other countries. For this, they need agile professionals who can function judiciously, quickly and efficiently in these highly competitive and changing global environments.

And that will be precisely your job when you finish the master's degree in Internationalization of Organizations. You must help companies expand to the world. You will be able to manage and lead work teams and organizations in an international environment, to develop projects in other countries and to find new market opportunities.

In addition, during the master you will have the opportunity to carry out internships in a company that will allow you to travel to another country and put into practice everything you learned during the master. In this way, you will learn in real environments, acquiring experience before completing the master's degree.

We highlight

  • More than 600 paid hours of work in international management
  • You will carry out Workshops in companies
  • You can do the internship in another country
  • You will have to solve real challenges in international companies

Learning based on real projects

Throughout the Master in Internationalization of Organizations, in addition to the lectures, you will be faced with practical challenges in real environments that you will have to solve together with the work team. In this way, and with the help of expert professionals, you must develop and implement a viable strategy to launch a product to the international market or analyze which is the best market to enter for a company, for example.

Thanks to the challenges posed by real companies that you will have to solve, you will have practical learning that ensures the assimilation of the necessary knowledge to exercise your future profession and will allow you to learn about the reality of entities such as Aernnova or Eroski.

In addition to the lectures and practices, you will have the opportunity to attend seminars, workshops, congresses and masterclasses taught by experts from outside the university that will provide you with new methodologies and points of view on the subject that will enrich your training.

Practices and Master's Thesis

You will be able to take part in the internationalization processes of all types of companies and organizations while you study

During the Master you will have the opportunity to work in collaboration with companies for a year and a half. In this way, you will be able to solve real challenges and projects proposed by multiple companies, you will acquire experience and above all, you will apply the knowledge learned in class in real environments, developing the skills and aptitudes sought in a profile like yours in the labor market.

You will also carry out the curricular internships and the Master's Thesis in a company where you will have to carry out your own project related to the internationalization of organizations. You will also have the option of doing extracurricular internships during the first year.

Challenge-based learning model

At Mondragon Unibertsitatea learn by solving real challenges thanks to the challenge-based educational model.

Companies such as Orkli, LKS or Decatlhon will propose challenges that you must solve by applying what you learned during the master's degree. In this way, you will gain experience in real environments, developing the skills and abilities that companies seek in a profile like yours.

97% of the people who have completed the master's degree occupy a position directly associated with Internationalization in Organizations.

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