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Mediterranean College MSc Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology and Counselling
Mediterranean College

MSc Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology and Counselling

2 Years


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  • 45+ years of Experience in Psychology Studies.
  • Top 30 UK University postgraduate degree.
  • Clinical Psychology & Counselling, focusing on CBT approach.
  • Supervised clinical placement in settings.

The MSc in Applied Psychology: Clinical Psychology and Counselling is designed to help students work effectively as clinical psychologists with clinical individuals and other professionals, by acquiring the essential theoretical and empirical knowledge, as well as essential therapeutic counselling skills, emphasizing Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT), to meet the profession’s demands. The programme covers theories and empirical evidence around mental health, disorders and psychopathology, neuropsychology and psychopharmacology. The programme stresses the understanding of psychological functioning, as well as ways of dealing with psychological dysfunction and disorders, in everyday functionality.

Why choose this course

  • A unique programme focusing on the applications of clinical psychology while simultaneously enriching students’ therapeutic counselling skills.
  • In-depth knowledge in a combination of two fields of study: clinical psychology and counselling, focusing on Cognitive Behavioral Therapy.
  • In-depth knowledge around mental health, psychopathology and neuropsychological functioning, focusing on assessment and diagnosis, intervention and prevention.
  • Development of professional and transferable skills in becoming a clinical psychologist.
  • Rooted in the local framework, whilst acknowledging European and global frameworks, contexts and legislations.
  • This programme is an MSc (Master of Science) and not an MA (Master of Arts), which makes it less theoretical and more practical.
  • High-quality teaching from experienced academics and active professionals.
  • Access to a fully-equipped observation suite (with a one-way mirror and audio-visual recording) appropriate for focus groups, interviews, role-playing and observation study.
  • Personal development planning and links with continuing professional development and life-long learning.
  • Rooted in practice with the use of real-life examples, case studies and placement.
  • Various methods of assessment.
  • Mediterranean is the College with the most experience and expertise in Greece in the delivery of higher education courses in Psychology and Counselling and offers multiple level study options: from Level 5 Higher National Diploma to Level 7 Master’s Degrees.
  • The University of Derby (Guardian University Guide 2020) is a TOP-26 UK University and in the TOP-10 for student employability. This stems from constantly developing the curriculum, as directed by employers, professional and accreditation bodies.
  • All academic staff are accredited lecturers of the University of Derby for every module they teach. Mediterranean College implements an integrated recruitment system, assessment and continuing professional development of academic staff, in order for the students to receive excellent teaching and personal support for the development of their social and professional skills.
  • The School of Psychology offers students the opportunity to attend – alongside their studies – specialized seminars on the use of psychometric tools, offered by ISON Psychometrica (a leading company in Greece). Students can also attend certified training courses in Counselling, Psychotherapy and Clinical Diagnosis – Assessment.


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