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Malmö University Master in Leadership for Sustainability
Malmö University

Master in Leadership for Sustainability

Malmö, Sweden

1 Years


Full time

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02 Sep 2024

SEK 100,000 / per year



This multidisciplinary one-year master’s program provides students with an understanding of organization and leadership theory in the context of sustainability. Students will acquire a critical understanding of sustainable development and sustainability leadership. Furthermore, they will learn research methods for exploring and analyzing sustainable challenges using leadership and organization theory. This education provides a foundation for those seeking to lead and/or manage sustainable initiatives, in research and practice, that bring about change in the workplace, community, and the world.

The master’s degree program is grounded in four core premises:

  • Sustainability requires new forms of organizing, especially when it comes to a project-based organization involving diverse stakeholders
  • That organizing and leading sustainability requires new and diverse leading and organizing skills, understanding, and knowledge for managers and leaders of sustainable projects
  • Organizing and leading sustainability requires a new way of thinking about sustainability within and between organizations. Current research on social entrepreneurship and social innovation Can reveal new methods and strategies about this
  • Methodological and methodical knowledge and understanding are needed to enable leaders to make sustainable decisions

Based on these four premises, the program bridges the fields of organization theory, leadership, project management, social innovation, and social entrepreneurship, so that new ways of organizing and leading sustainability can be created. This will enable students to rethink common perceptions of leadership and organizational development.

A unique program for future sustainable leaders and social entrepreneurs

In this program, students are taught to reflect upon organizational and leadership challenges linked to organizational development and sustainability. This program provides students with the knowledge and critical understanding of current research in the fields of leadership and organization, project management, social entrepreneurship, and social innovation in the context of sustainability and sustainable development.

This master's program is also focused on action and doing via diverse projects and thesis work. This is a way to develop students’ professional, conceptual, and interpersonal skills so that as future sustainable leaders and social entrepreneurs, they will drive sustainable changes and have the capacity to make informed decisions about organizational and leadership issues in the management of sustainable organizations and projects.



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